Kitten season is in full swing, but what happens to all the adoptable adult cats at the animal shelter this time of year? 

When you know in your heart that you’re ready to add a new feline companion to your life, your first thought might be to adopt a kitten, but adopting an adult cat has some clear benefits.

HSSV President Carol Novello shares 3  great reasons to pick an adult cat over a kitten.

1. The Destruction: Kittens are adorable; there’s no doubt about it. That said, they are also rambunctious and very high energy. With a kitten, you can expect things to be shredded, knocked over and generally a bit crazy for many months. Adult cats, on the other hand, still love to play but have learned a few things about what works and what doesn’t in terms of treating your house like their personal playground. 

2. Energy Levels: As mentioned, kittens are high energy. This means lots of 4a.m. romping and craziness, attacking your toes while you sleep and all sorts of other wild behavior. Granted, it’s pretty cute wild behavior, but if you’re seeking a feline who will curl up on your lap or peacefully on your bed, an adult cat is the way to go. Cats still love to play, just not for five hours straight! 

3. The Cuteness Factor: Yes, kittens are undeniably cute. But remember, they will be full-grown cats before you know it. And adult cats are adorable, too.Don’t pick a forever friend based on age alone. No one could blame you for adopting a new kitten, but next time you head to the shelter, consider meeting some of the adult cats there who could be your ideal new companion.

***All adult cats (that’s 6 months and older) have no adoption fee through the end of June. Click here for all the info!!

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