Mom Sends College Student Son Trash in The Mail After He Didn't Take it Out!

Connor Cox, a student at Westminster College in Pennsylvania, was excited when his mom told him she was sending him some food from their home in Maryland.

When he received the two boxes, he was ecstatic that the first box was filled with his favorite goodies.

“One big box was full of Pringles, gushers, like anything that you could think of," Cox said.

The second box? Not so fun. 

"The other one was a box full of trash,” he said. “I was digging through it. I didn’t think it was real. I was like ‘what is this?’ and I realized it was trash and then I gave her a call.”

Cox’s mom, Terry, told him that that is “what he got for not taking the trash out before he left.”

“We laughed about it,” Cox said. “I left my house to come back to school and I didn’t take my trash out. I was kind of in a rush. That was her way of saying ‘you need to take your trash out when you’re home. If I’m paying for your tuition than you have to do some chores around the house,’ which is totally true.”

Thankfully, Cox, 18, finally took his trash out when he received the package.

“It was pretty easy to throw it away,” Cox said.

(Story: Inside Edition)

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