Hostess Cupcake Cookies Are Headed to a Costco Near You!

Good news, just in time for the weekend! Hostess, the beloved brand that brought us Twinkies, Ding Dongs, Ho Hos and those classic cupcakes, has added to their long, chocolatey portfolio! 

Hostess Bake Shop, will offer treasures like white-fudge drizzled Twinkies covered in rainbow sprinkles, triple-dunked Ding Dongs (and you thought once-dipped was divine) and — wait for it — that iconic cupcake, reinvented in cookie form. That cookie, with 10 to a box will be sold at Costco, among other places!

Beyond the packaged dessert aisle, the company is now targeting in-store bakeries, something they haven't done before.

Time for a Costco run!

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