8-Year-Old Boy Take His Sister To McDonalds In His Dad's Work Van!

EVERYONE is talking about the 8-year-old Ohio boy who took his 4-year-old sister IN HIS DAD’S WORK VAN to McDonalds the other night!

Their dad was asleep on the couch, mom was in bed and the family had already had dinner. The boy and his sister were still hungry and wanted McDonalds so the boy put his sister in the back van before he got behind the wheel. He drove about a mile from his house, through four intersections and over railroad tracks. 

Witnesses saw the kids and called police.

The boy apparently obeyed traffic rules, stopped at red lights and followed the speed limit.  He and his sister paid for the cheeseburgers and chicken nuggets with money from his piggy bank. The McDonald's workers thought the kid's parents were pranking them.

Oh, and how did the 8-year-old learn to drive? By watching a YouTube video of course J

(The workers at McDonalds thought the parents were in the back of the van and they just couldn’t see them!)

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