April The Giraffe's Calf Is Born And Carolyn McArdle's Mom Doesn't Know Who That Is! (VIDEO)

We waited 16 months for this and FINALLY, April the giraffe had her baby calf. 

I don't know about you, but I got TOTALLY wrapped up in this drama. I was coming home from the store this morning and called my mom to tell her I wanted to stop by and drop off 1/2 of a Safeway meatloaf (yes, because I'm too cheap to buy a FULL meatloaf for her) and she said "Carolyn, there is a baby giraffe on TV that is trying to get up and it's so cute." My natural response was "Oh, did April finally have her baby?" to which my mom replied, "Who's April?" 

So now the meatloaf sits in my car and I'm here informing you that, indeed, April the giraffe, who we've all come to know (well, almost all of us), finally had her baby at 9:50am EST Saturday morning. 

Have a fab weekend :)

--Carolyn McArdle

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