Can't I just get a REGULAR greeting card???

Have you noticed lately that when you shop for cards, it seems like EVERY card is over $5 and includes some sort of noise, song, clapping sound, etc? 

It was my nephew Evan's 7th birthday.  A 7-year-old doesn't give a RIP about a card. He just wants the present that I wrapped for him (joke's on him....the card is probably more entertaining than the present!). 

I went to my local supermarket to get a card for E-man and figured I would spend about $3 TOPS. I'm not lying when I tell you that it took me about 5 minutes to even find a card that didn't make some sort of noise, barely fit in the envelope because of the sound piece in the middle of it and cost less than $8. 

WTH happened to the good ol' days of crappy greeting cards that are under $3 and made for 7-year-olds that are just going to toss them anyhow?

--Carolyn McArdle

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