Erin Moran’s former personal trainer speaks out....

Erin Moran was apparently desperate to kick her booze habit and land another TV role before she tragically died.

Erin, who died from Stage 4 cancer, worked with personal trainer Michael Banyar years before she died, and he said he tried desperately to get her into shape and to try and prevent her from falling off the wagon. 

“There was always this kind of urgency that this was her last ditch effort to make it in acting,” he said.“ After Happy Days and everything else, her career plummeted — we talked about it a few times.”

“She wanted to get back on track and be ready physically, mentally and emotionally before it was too late,” Banyar added. “Erin was taking it one step at a time, but she would have taken any job she could to be employed again. She’d always say, ‘I’m too darn fat, don’t take any pictures of me until I’m in shape’ and she worked really hard.”

Michael says he was aware of her drinking issues and worked with her on a healthy living plan, but insists he saw no sign of drug abuse.

The pair trained together three times a week for three months for a series of Celebrity Fit Club on VH-1.

“I knew there were problems in her life, with liquids, let’s say it that way, but I just know she was trying really hard to change her lifestyle.”

(Source: Radar online)

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