In parts of the Bay Area, $105,350 is 'low income'!

No doubt it costs A LOT to live in the Bay Area, but new numbers are in and we are SHOCKED by what qualifies as a "low income" salary in the Bay Area! 

In HUD's latest numbers, San Francisco, Marin and San Mateo show that an income of $105,350 for a family of four can be counted as low income. In those same counties an income of $65,800 is "very low," while $39,500 is "extremely low."

In other areas such as Alameda and Contra Costa counties, $80,400 is considered low-income for a family of four.

Here's the list of counties and the annual salaries that qualify as low income:

  • Alameda County: $80,400
  • Contra Costa County: $80,400
  • Marin County: $105,350
  • Napa County: $74,500
  • San Francisco County: $105,350
  • San Mateo County: $105,350
  • Santa Clara County: $84,750
  • Solano County: $64,300

Source: SF Gate.

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