Neal Schon Reveals What Happened Backstage With Steve Perry At Rock Hall Ceremony!

Journey guitarist Neal Schon recently revealed that he hopes to work with former singer Steve Perry again in the recording studio, “Not necessarily Journey, something more bluesy more R&B-ish, soul.” He also said that he’d support Perry if he toured for his upcoming solo album, and wouldn’t mind if he did Journey songs on his own.

Schon said, “He owns the songs as much as we do. He helped build them, wrote them, sang them, cemented them in cement in everyone’s hearts and minds and souls.”

He also revealed what happened backstage at the recent Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame ceremony, "I looked at him and said, 'Hey, man, I really miss you.' There was very good eye contact. It was real. It wasn't just things being said because of the ceremony and to keep things cool. He said, 'Coffee is way overdue for us.' I went, 'Let's do it. Please.'"

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