New Tears For Fears Album On The Way!

Curt Smith recently sat down to talk to Billboard magazine and he said that he is confident fans will be happy with the upcoming "Tears For Fears" project.

This will be the first new studio album for the band since 2004. The album, which Tears For Fears say is currently being mixed and sequenced, has been in the works for several years. The duo said that it will deal with personal issues. They are both dealing with growing kids and an empty nest feeling. They put their stories in their music and I can't wait to hear it!!!!

Curt said,  "When I listen to it I hear the fact we've been playing live, which we have been doing over the last few years without making a record," Smith says. "We still go on tour; Not huge tours, but on tour. So I feel it's definitely been influenced by us playing live and aspects of the live show. I definitely hear that in it."

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