An Autistic Man Was Devastated When His Blockbuster Closed Down, So His Parents Built Him One Of His Own!

Remember back when, when you would jump into the car, drive to the local Blockbuster Video, and walk up and down the aisles, judging movies solely based off what the covers looked like or what some good Samaritan stranger that saw you holding the copy of "The Breakfast Club" told you about their rental experience?  Then, when you were done, you had to remember to bring the movie back on time, or you had to face the shame of paying late fees.

Pretty much everyone agrees the 2017 way of renting movies beats the heck out of the 1993 way, but Hector Zuniga, an autistic 20 year old Blockbuster fan in Texas isn't everybody.  

Hector still visits one of the only remaining Blockbuster stores twice a week. Sadly, that store closed and Hector was devastated. 

Lucky for him, he has a cool family! 

The other day he came home from saying "goodbye" to his favorite store only to find that his parents had installed an entire rack of a display you would find at your average Blockbuster, complete with all his favorite DVD’s, including Veggie Tales, Rugrats, Barney, and Elmo!

Lucky him and lucky them! What a great family!

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