Caltrans Honors Those Who Have Died Fixing Our Roads

Rows of orange cones line the Steps of the State Capitol at the annual CalTrans memorial, which honors the now 187 CalTrans workers who've died on the job since 1921.

Daniela Lopez - daughter of Jorge Lopez, who was killed by an out-of-control big rig on Highway 14 near Palmdale, says her dad would show them every light and sign to show how important the work was, and how proud he was of their extended family.

CalTrans superintendent, Dave Wood, who you'll often hear when Donner Summit is snowed in, says he now makes videos he says are really helping to hammer home the message about safety in work zones.

The memorial also included a tribute to Annette Brooks, who was shot and killed at a Humboldt County CalTrans facility just three days ago.

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