Why Are There So Many Spinouts On This Bay Area Road??

Have you ever noticed how many accidents there are on southbound Highway 17 at Big Moody Curve? Have you always wondered why there are so many accidents in that particular spot? 

The CHP has dubbed this the “wet spot” as mud and water constantly seep onto the southbound lanes at the curve.  Ross-the-CHP-Man says: 

“The common reasons for crashing on 17 are people driving too fast, not maintaining a safe following distance and distractions. As Mr. Peters points out, the majority of people who drive 17 on a regular basis observe these rules of the road and never have a problem. While there is a small amount of groundwater making the roadway wet in this location, it does not constitute a hazard when the speed limit and other laws are properly observed.”

You can safely take Big Moody Curve at 60 mph in warm, dry weather, but most vehicles would be off the road at 45 mph when it’s cold and wet.

As Caltrans works to shore up the hillside, the best drivers can do is sloooow down. Remember, the speed limit is 50 mph for a reason.

Source: http://www.mercurynews.com/2017/05/01/roadshow-why-is-highway-17s-big-moody-curve-prone-to-spin-outs/

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