The moment when Amy Schumer's dad meets Goldie Hawn for the first time....

Pretty much all of my friends know that I am a HUGE Amy Schumer fan. She's not only funny but she is REAL. She's embraced the fact that people comment on her weight (BTW, I don't think she's overweight AT ALL!!!) and instead of curling up in a ball and crying her eyes out about it, she turns it into comedy.

Amy is also a really great person on the inside. She loves her dad to death. You may have read recently that she was able to purchase her childhood home thanks to her newfound fame and gift it to her dad.

Now, she's starring in "Snatched" with Goldie Hawn and her dad, who is a bigtime Goldie fan, got to meet her for the first time and his genuine reaction will melt your heart.

A+ for the Schumers.

--Carolyn McArdle

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