Bay Area couple’s wedding registry will help out SF animal shelter!

One Bay Area couple is turning their wedding registry into an opportunity to help Bay Area animals.

Alex Farr and Mara Nicole met at a fundraising event for San Francisco Animal Care and Control five years ago and they bonded over their love for animals. 

Now the shelter is in trouble and Alex and Mara are stepping up bigtime! San Francisco Animal Care and Control takes in about 10,000 animals of all kinds annually — dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs — and feeding them can be expensive, totaling about $120,000 a year.

Alex and Mara are asking their guests to donate food directly to San Francisco Animal Care and Control instead of buying them wedding gifts. They said they already have dishes and blenders and silverware and they would MUCH rather help the animals. 

Congratulations Alex and Mara and THANK YOU! 

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