Photo of officer comforting boy with Autism goes viral!

Police officer Chris Scott has gotten a lot of attention online for sitting down with Kyson Baler, a nonverbal autistic 9-year-old.

Kyson had just been assigned a new case worker and he doesn't do well with change. He ran out the door of Journey's, a Development Disability Agency when Scott saw him.  

Journey's office is next door to the police station. Kyson pointed at Scott's patch on his uniform. Scott saw his interest and handed Kyson a challenge coin that had the patch on one side and a badge on the other. Kyson smiled and Scott was able to take him back inside the building. What Scott did not know is Kyson's new caseworker had snapped a picture of his simple gesture. The picture had been posted to social media by Kyson's mother.  Since being posted, the picture had been shared thousands of times and has been seen around the world.

For Scott, a U.S. Navy veteran, the new-found fame is foreign but he is glad it could come from a simple gesture. "When I got back to the police department (after sitting with Kyson), I had a smile on my face," Scott said.

Source: ABC-7 news

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