Why is Trader Joe's 2 Buck Chuck wine so cheap? Now we know!

If you’ve ever shopped at Trader Joes, my guess is that at one point, you’ve either bought a bottle or a case of their 2 Buck Chuck wine. 

If you aren’t familiar with 2 Buck Chuck, it’s a wine that TJ’s sells that literally costs $2 a bottle. The big question for me has always been how they get away with selling it for $2 per bottle! It turns out there are several reasons. 

Bronco Wines (who makes the 2 Buck Chuck) is in San Joaquin Valley so their real estate costs are cheaper. They also ferment their wine with oak chips instead of barrels, the produce the wine in large quantities which keep costs down and the corks that they put in the bottle are SUPER cheap.

So now you know :)

--Carolyn McArdle

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