Sneaky teens do somersaults and backflips on the Golden Gate Bridge! (VIDEO)

Two Wisconsin teens who climbed to the top of the Golden Gate Bridge's north tower last month, have got people wondering, "Do we need tighter security at the bridge?" 

The stunt shows high school boys climbing the west cable without safety gear, doing somersaults and backflips on top of the tower. 

Peter Teatime, 18, says he and a buddy were visiting for Spring Break last month and on a whim the pair decided to make the climb at 3 a.m. gaining access to the main cable, walking up without safety gear.

The boys said they are more than happy to talk to bridge security about how they got past security undetected to, ironically, help increase security.

The two daredevils, now back home in Milwaukee, could face misdemeanor trespassing charges.

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