"Growing Pains" Cast Reunite to Talk About Alan Thicke's Death

If you catch “Dr. Oz” Thursday, you’ll see grief play out very publicly.

“Growing Pains” cast members Jeremy Miller, Tracey Gold, and Joanna Kerns sit down on today’s episode to discuss their former co-star Alan Thicke. It’s the first time the cast has been together since the sudden death of the show’s dad in December.

"Well, I have to tell you this is very surreal. He was a great guy. We loved him. We were a family," said Kerns, Thicke’s TV wife. She goes on to explain how they were together for up to 12 hours each day and saw the TV family more than their real ones.

Gold described a moment that happened to her the exact time her TV dad died. "I was walking to meet my husband at his work and I started to feel this rush over me. I felt dizzy and that never happens to me...I didn't even think I should get behind the wheel and drive.”

And Miller remembers how accessible Thicke was. "Even with everything going on, Alan being Alan, on the phone, doing autographs, selling his book, doing this, working, taking meetings, he still took me aside, you know, talked to me about the show, gave me a little advice, you know that's just who he was," said the actor. "He was so generous with his time."

Check you listings for the “Dr. Oz” airing.

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