Pet a Rat and Sip Coffee at SF's New Rodent Cafe!

Picture a cat café but taken to another level. This is an "only in San Francisco" kind of thing. There is a new cafe in town called The Black Rat Café. Picture the KitTea Café in Hayes Valley and Cat Town in Oakland where patrons meet and adopt cats over coffee, tea, and snacks. The rat café will do the same but with rodents.

It's all from the tortured souls at The San Francisco Dungeon in Fisherman’s Wharf, who say they are following all food code and hygiene requirements. 

Here's how it works. For $50 per person, participants will be led into the basement of the Dungeon, set up with tables, tablecloths, and lanterns. There, they’ll be served coffee, tea, and pastries, but all food — none of it prepared on-site — will be cleared out before the rats scurry in.

Providing the rat “talents” are the genuine rat lovers of Rattie Ratz, a Clayton, California-based rat rescue and adoption agency who have housed 250 domestic pet rats since their founding in 1998. “They do make very good pets,” Clarkson adds, “and if looked after, they’re as clean as a cat or a dog.”

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