Carolyn McArdle's backyard is almost ready for System Pavers to start their magic!

I can't believe it's almost time! 

Wednesday, System Pavers is going to start tearing out my current yard and will replace it with their vision, which is now MY vision and I am SO excited! 

If you haven't seen my current yard, here it is:

As you can see, this yard has a LONG way to go! System Pavers says they can handle it and I believe them! 

Their customer service by the way is amazing! For example, the other day I came home from work and one of their trucks was at my house and Brandon (my project manager) and Danny (site supervisor) are in the yard going over the plan and marking sprinklers, gas lines, etc.  What service! 

Speaking of great customer service, yesterday I received a "Thank you" card in the mail! What company does that anymore???? Such class.

If you are looking to make a change to your yard, no matter how big or small, and you're not sure where to start, reach out to System Pavers. 888-PAVE-002. You can also check out their page at .  They do it all: Pavers, artificial turf, lighting, arbor and more! 

If you're free June 3rd, stop by their Outdoor Living event at their location in Union City! I'll be there from 1pm-4pm. We will feed you some delicious BBQ food, sip on some fantastic wine and I promise that you will get a TON of ideas for your yard! You can get more information about that event here:

T-minus 2 days until my project starts! Let the countdown begin!

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