Celebrating The Marvelous Life of Stan Lee!

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Stan Lee is a real-life superhero! 

He not only turned Marvel Comic's from a small business venture to the worlds No.1 publisher of comic books and a multimedia juggernaut but he also created and co-created some of the greatest superheroes that span many generations. Heroes like Spider-Man, the X-Men, Thor, Iron Man, Black Panther, and The Fantastic Four, just to name a few... 

Lee's career started in the 60's when he was one of the first to not only give his characters exceptional powers but personality as well. Perhaps this is why so many people gravitated to his work because they could see themselves in these out of world characters. Gene Simmons of KISS is quoted once talking about Stan Lee's work saying,

"His stories taught me that even superheroes like Spider-Man and The Incredible Hulk have ego deficiencies and girl problems and do not live in their macho fantasies 24 hours a day...through the honesty of guys like Spider-Man, I learned about the shades of gray in human nature."

Lee was a trail-blazer in the world of comics but making a push for not censoring storylines and diving into important matters that related to the political climate they were living in. He continued to be the face for Marvel comics till his death, even making cameos in many Marvel movies from 1989 - 2018.

R.I.P., Stan Lee

Courtesy: Getty Images



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