Giant Bee Rediscovered

Conservation photographer Clay Bolt went on a five day search in Indonesia to look for a giant bee believed to be extinct. The giant black bee is called Wallace's Giant Bee after being discovered by Alfred Russell Wallace. Another name it is known as is Raja Ofu or King of Bees.


The last time this bee was spotted was in 1981. Clay Bolt discovered it last month on the last day of his journey. Not much is known about this bee but is is said to measure up to 1.5 inches in length. Coming back to the U.S he hopes to work with researchers and conservation groups in Indonesia to protect this giant insect.

For insect lovers this is a great discovery, if you wish to learn more of Clay Bolts journey click HERE. For those who hate or are allergic to bees you might want to stay away from the Indonesian Jungles.

Picture Courtesy:GettyImages



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