Shakira Teaches Us How To Dance Champeta Like She Did At The Halftime Show

Shakira was the perfect artist to co-headline (along with Jennifer Lopez) the Super Bowl Halftime Show in Miami this year! With her half-Colombian and half-Lebanese roots, she did a wonderful job of reflecting the diverse, rich cultures that are found in the very place she was performing. And there's even more culture to be exposed to in her performance.

If you were impressed with the elaborate dance break Shakira and a troupe of dancers did at 12:52, it's called Champeta and is both a genre of folk music and a dance that originated in the Caribbean coastal region of Colombia. It's highly influenced from the music and culture from the continent of Africa.

The dazzling performance prompted the "Champeta Challenge" on social media. Because of the interest, Shakira and her choreographer Liz Dany Campo Diaz uploaded a YouTube video showing people at home how to do the dance in a Champeta dance tutorial.

Check it out below!

Photo: Getty Images

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