7-Eleven Tests Out Their First Cashierless Store

It's no secret that Amazon is rapidly changing commerce in America. From same-day-shipping to cashier-free Amazon Go convenience stores, the multi-billion dollar company's reign on multiple industries is a scary reality for many less powerful companies. One of the most recent to attempt at fighting back is 7-Eleven.

Recently, the convenience store unveiled their cashierless 7-Eleven at their corporate headquarters in Irving, Texas. By downloading and signing up for an app, you can check into the store, shop, and exit with a detailed receipt of your purchase.

The concept store offers customers the most popular products sold in 7-Eleven stores and thanks to algorithms and predictive technology, the store is also able to help customers on an individual basis.

"Ultimately, our goal is to exceed consumers' expectations for faster, easier transactions and a seamless shopping experience," said Senior Vice President Mani Suri in a statement obtained by PR Newswire.

So far only employees have tested the store and there's no word on if or when these stores will be open to the public anytime soon.

Photo: Getty Images

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