Domino's Is Giving Away A Pizza Shaped Engagement Ring Worth $9K

Just in time for those Valentine's day proposals, Domino's Australia is awarding a lucky couple a $9,000 pizza-themed engagement ring.

The diamond-encrusted engagement ring is shaped like a slice of pizza topped with ruby red pepperonis. It was designed and crafted by Artisans Bespoke Jewellers, a jeweler located in Paddington, Australia.

In order to get the ring, you must fill out this form and upload a 30-second video telling Domino's how you plan on involving pizza in your proposal. The form also has some hard-hitting questions like "Have you had 'the talk' with your significant other? (if they prefer pineapple on their pizza...)"

Whoever wins the contest will surely have a fun story to tell to friends and family! Would you want your engagement ring to be pizza-shaped?

Thumbnail photo: Getty Images

Photo in article: Domino's Australia / Artisans Bespoke Hewellers via Twitter

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