2-Year-Old Stares In Awe When He Sees An Inclusive Target Ad

2-year-old Ollie and his mother Demi Garza-Pena had a beautiful moment while shopping thanks to Target's inclusive advertisements.

Garza-Pena shared the heart-warming moment to Facebook writing: "Today Oliver stopped me dead in his tracks and turned back around to see this picture that he spotted! He just stared at it in awe! He recognized another boy like him, smiling and laughing on a display at Target. Oliver sees kids every day, but he never gets to see kids like him."

The accompanying photo shows her son looking up in awe at the ad above a clothes rack. Ollie was born with caudal regression syndrome, a rare condition that affects the lower spine and organs, so uses a wheelchair to get around.

The post has gone viral and prompted a conversation about including people with disabilities when discussing matters of representation. Later, Garza-Pena added that the post made it to the boy in the Target ad and his family.

When asked where else she'd like to see inclusive ads, she said "Everywhere...everybody, everywhere, all the time. That would make a huge difference."

Photo: Getty Images

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