Arizona Toddler Awed By Target Display With Child In Wheelchair ‘Like Him’!

An Arizona toddler named Ollie, who uses a wheelchair, had quite a “beautiful moment” when he saw a display in a Target store that featured a clothing brand modeled by a boy in a wheelchair.

Oliver “Ollie” Garza Pena is almost 2-years-old and was shopping with his mother at a Target when he saw the display.

“He just stared at it in awe! He recognized another boy like him, smiling and laughing on a display at Target" according to his mom. “Oliver sees kids every day, but he never gets to see kids like him.”

Ollie has a rare congenital condition called caudal regression syndrome,or sacral agenesis, which affects development of the lower spine and can impact organ function.

Look at the post from "Ollie's page" below which is melting our hearts and has, understandably, gone viral.

Jack and Carolyn talked about it on the air! Listen below...

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