You Can Buy Bacon Roses This Valentine's Day From The Manly Man Company

Why give a bouquet of roses on Valentine's Day when you could give a bouquet of bacon roses?

The Manly Man Company is now selling full dozens of maple candied bacon fashioned into delicate roses dipped in dark chocolate. This is what the company has to say about their bacon bouquets:

"On its own, our bacon jerky is mind blowing! We upped the ante by using the sweet taste of maple and brown sugar to build upon the awesomeness of slow cooked, thick cut, bacon. When combined with the amazing taste of rich dark chocolate, these bacon flowers are truly exceptional. This bouquet comes sealed fresh with oxygen absorbers in a custom-branded box, keeping it fresh up to a month."

You can order your very own box set of bacon roses through their website here!

Photo: The Manly Man Company

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