6-Year-Old Finds Note Filled With Cash At The Grocery Store

While six-year-old Daphne Kenny was perusing the cereal aisle, she spotted a small piece of paper laying on one of the shelves.

When she went to pick it up, her mother Danica thought it was someone's forgotten grocery list. But when they opened it up, they found a $100 bill folded up inside along with a written note.

"It was a note that said, 'Whoever finds this, I love you,' with a hundred dollar bill," Danica shared. "I thought, 'Could this be a fake?' But I worked at a bank so I've seen counterfeits before and it looked real!"

Since Daphne found it, her mom let her keep the money for herself. Daphne used the $100 on two cats from Build-a-Bear.

Photo: Getty Images

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