How A School Cafeteria Worker Brightens Students' Days With Bananas

For the kids at Kingston Elementary School in Virginia, bananas are more than just a delicious source of potassium.

Stacey Truman, the elementary school's cafeteria manager, writes encouraging messages on the peels of bananas before she hands them out. The teachers and kids at the school call them "talking bananas."

"I do it for my kids at home, so I decided to bring it here because they are like my kids, too," she told TODAY.

The school's principal, Sharon Shewbridge, shared photos of the bananas on Twitter.

"I shared it on social media because we need more positive messages out there," Shewbridge said. "I am so glad that it has been shared with so many. It would be great it all of our school cafeterias were able to share messages like this for their students."

Photo: Getty Images

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