It’s Okay to Power Nap When Working from Home!

If you’re working from home during this quarantine, it’s okay to take a power nap.

A neuroscience professor at the University of California, Berkeley said, All humans, irrespective of culture or geographical location, have a genetically hardwired dip in alertness that occurs in the mid-afternoon hours.

The National Sleep Foundation also says a nap can bring about top-notch productivity.

Keep in mind, timing is everything. According to a sleep therapist, If you nap for longer than 20 minutes, you will begin to enter the REM stage, which is one of the deepest stages of sleep. Interrupting this stage is what gives you sleep inertia, which is that groggy, sick feeling you get after a badly timed nap.

If you do decide to take that nap, stay out of the bedroom between the hours of 2 to 3 p.m. because that’s when the natural dip in energy kicks in. If you get too comfortable, you’ll sleep longer.

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