A Peek Inside What Cache Creek Casino Now Looks Like!

Cache Creek Casino Resort is still closed but they are busy revamping so they can eventually re-open, all while following social distancing standards.

Here are some of the changes that the public can expect at the casino once they open after COVID-19 modifications:

  • Temperature checks for anyone entering the casino at the door..
  • Masks are requirement for anyone not eating or drinking.
  • Gamblers who like games and slot machines will notice one change immediately -- social distancing between machines.
  • You will find one turned on, then the next off, with chair taken away in between. (The casino chose not to install plexiglass because the more surfaces, the more you need to clean and sanitize).
  • Poker? Gone. (Players sit too close together and the mask requirement takes away a crucial element.)
  • A roulette table that used to allow 16 players on both sides now allows only six.
  • Blackjack? Three players.
  • Baccarat? Four players.
  • Craps? Six.
  • The casino has been reconfiguring, moving equipment and removing 500 machines to create more space. At the bar and in the new steakhouse, tables and chairs are spaced far apart.

Cache Creek has not yet named a date for reopening.