Celebrate Women's History Month With Career Girls

Join 3 million girls, educators and role models from 194 countries in celebrating Women's History Month with Career Girls, a free career exploration website featuring diverse and accomplished women role models around the world. Over 600 role models share what they do in their careers and the challenges they've had to overcome. Share this free resource with a girl in your life to inspire her to set her own career goals and succeed in achieving them. Visit CareerGirls.org today!

You can help close the imagination gap for girls by supporting Career Girls' virtual camps. From financial literacy to business models and IPOs to artificial intelligence and robotics, these camps engage girls in meaningful topics with women industry experts guiding the way. 

One of their campers, Elina, shared what inspired her most: "seeing so many role models who look just like me thrive in careers where they are just as smart and persistent and are just as acclaimed and praised as the men beside them."

Global Giving is also matching all donations of up to $50 at 50% during this week. Click Here to Donate Now!

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