You Can Earn $10,000 By Becoming A Chief Taco Officer

If you love tacos and have about two months to kill this summer, then a Texas food delivery company has a job for you.

Favor is looking for a "Chief Taco Officer," whose duties will involve tasting tacos all over Texas and reviewing them on social media. The two-month gig, which will begin in June, pays $10,000. "The history and culture behind one of the most iconic foods in the Lone Star State vary from city to city," says Favor CEO Jag Bath, "and we're excited for our new Chief Taco Officer to discover some of the best and most authentic tacos out there."

To apply, visit before the May 12th deadline.

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Colorful Street Tacos, Shrimp - Seafood, Fish, Grilled, Ready-To-Eat

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