Ryan Seacrest Had to Swap Underwear During 'American Idol' Finale

Ryan Seacrest Had To Swap Underwear With His Stylist During Live ‘American Idol’ Finale do to “Wardrobe Malfunction”

Here's something you don't hear about everyday.

Ryan Seacrest switching underwear in the middle of a show taping.

Yes, this happened.

It happened on American Idol. Apparently, the underwear he had on was 'too much' for the family show. So he had to change his underwear.

One problem--he didn't have any extra underwear with him.

So he had to wear the underwear of his stylist.

Ryan told the story on Kelly & Ryan saying, anything for the show.

Kelly was adamant that if it were her, she would have told them to shoot her from the waist up.

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