Sleepover In Kebab Heaven? This Restaurant Offers a Unique Staycation

The eatery is asking visitors to stay in their kebab-themed pop-up home, which was announced on World Kebab Day on July 8.

The 'sleepover in kebab heaven' would include a specially designed home with naan-themed curtains and bedsheets, Kebab-shaped cushions, garlic sauce bottle lamps, and a special condiment cabinet with over 50 unique condiments.

There is even a lettuce shower cap and custom chili-kebab towels in the washroom that, 'will make your shower thoughts spicy.’ 

The first edition of the kebab house pop-up will be opening up in Leeds.

It will then travel to other UK cities. 

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Kebabs on barbecue

Photo: iStockphoto

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