Tourists Face $5,000 Fines For Visiting World's Tallest Tree

Officials in California are trying to keep tourists away from the world's tallest tree.

That tree is Hyperion, a massive 380-foot coast redwood discovered in 2006 in Redwood National Park.

Park officials say tourists are causing too much environmental damage while visiting the tree, which is located off the main trail.  

As a result, anyone caught near Hyperion will face a $5,000 fine and up to 6 months in jail.

Have you ever seen the Redwoods in person? Would they be better off giving tourists safe access to Hyperion rather than threatening fines and jail time?

Beautiful beech tree taken directly from below with nice and old trunk during springtime with beautiful green colors in the Montseny nature reserve in the Catalonia region.

Photo: Moment RF

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