This Boxed Wine Comes with Water in the Same Package

This Wine Company Is Working To Keep Consumers Well-Hydrated And Hangover-Free.

Boxed wine brand House Wine has teamed up with Essentia Water to sell a box that combines water and wine.

The resulting Essentia Water & Wine box manages to cram both red and white wine in the box along with 32 glasses of water.

The front of the box has two spouts: one provides access to two gallons of Essentia’s Overachieving H20 water.

The other offers the equivalent of four bottles of House Wine’s Sauvignon Blanc.

If you prefer red, a third spout can be popped out the side providing access to an equal amount of House Wine’s Original Red Blend.

Essentia bills the combo box as an "instant water and wine station" that’s perfect for a holiday table.


Glass of wine with a dripping drop and with liquid being formed by half wine and half water divided in half. 3D Illustration

Photo: iStockphoto

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