Can You Turn Vodka Into Water Using A Brita Filter?

A vodka debate is raging on TikTok. 

Some Tiktokers Claim That You Can Pour Cheap Vodka Into A Brita Filter To Make It Taste Like Water.

But according to fellow TikToker and pharmacist Dr. ChrisPharmD, pouring vodka into a Brita filter one time will not result in water-like liquid with no taste and smell.

He explained, “The Brita filter is not going to change how concentrated the alcohol is. What it is going to do is remove congeners, the organic compounds that can make hangovers worse. Pouring it through once, honestly, is not gonna do much. “Two, three, or four times - now we’re talking. It will change the taste and texture, and also the smell. It’s definitely not going to make it taste like water, though.”

Bottle of vodka in distillery

Photo: Westend61

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