Major Grocery Store Is Selling A Thanksgiving Dinner For $25

Want To Do Thanksgiving Dinner On A Budget?

Target Has You Covered!

Target is giving you a full Thanksgiving dinner for $25.


Here is the breakdown:

  • They are selling whole turkeys from 5 to 9 pounds with each pound costing $1.49…  That makes the max price $13.41.
  • Stove Top Stuffing costs $3.19.
  • A 5-pound bag of Russet potatoes costs $3.59.
  • Heinz home-style turkey gravy costs $2.59.
  • Frozen yellow corn costs $.99.
  • Jellied cranberry sauce costs $1.49.

If you choose a smaller turkey you can get 1 or 2 other items.

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Small girl having fun while about to bite a roasted turkey on Thanksgiving.

Photo: E+

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