Police Officer Buys A Week's Worth Of Groceries For Struggling Woman

It is always great to hear feel-good stories about people giving back to others in need, and this police officer decided to buy a week's worth of groceries for a struggling woman in Denver, Colorado.

On NYE, the officer responded to a noise complaint and saw a woman having a hard time after she tried to leave an abusive situation.

When the officer heard that the woman hadn't eaten in 5 days, she decided to help her out by purchasing enough groceries for her to last a week.

Officer Melissa Martin said, "I try really hard not to judge just try to help them in the situation that they find themselves."

She continued., "If the world would just treat people like they would like to be treated, how much of a difference might that make?"

As a result of her incredible act, she was honored by the Citizens Appreciate Police org.

Which social causes are you most concerned with? How do you plan on giving back to these causes?

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Policewoman standing beside police squad car

Photo: E+

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