School Replaces Mirrors In Girls' Bathroom With Anti-Makeup Posters

A school in the U.K. has come under fire after it took down all of its bathroom mirrors and replaced them with posters warning students about the evils of wearing makeup.

Among the messages displayed on the posters at Worcester's Christopher Whitehead language college is one that claims "makeup is a harmful drug that once you start using, you'll feel ugly without." Another tells young women if they all stopped wearing makeup, "guys would have no choice but to fall for girls because of natural beauty."

Among the parents who have called out the school for the move is one who says, "In the girls’ toilets they’ve covered the wall in place of the mirror with ‘inspirational quotes.' However, they are far from that. The quotes are degrading. This is not the message we want to be sending to extremely impressionable girls as young as 11."

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