Krispy Kreme Introduces New Mini Bouncing Bunny Doughnuts for SPRING

Krispy Kreme’s Spring Minis include sweet and colorful doughnuts inspired by the season’s flowers and baby critters. T

here’s a Bouncing Bunny Mini, which is an original glazed doughnut dipped in green icing and topped with a buttercreme frosting and two bunny feet sugar pieces.

The Mini Diving Duck Doughnut is dipped in blue icing, sprinkled with white nonpareils, topped with yellow buttercreme frosting and two orange duck feet.

The Mini Daffodil Doughnut is dipped in yellow icing and yellow sanding sugar, topped with orange buttercreme frosting and decorated with a yellow icing flower.

You can find the seasonal Spring Minis at participating locations nationwide for a limited time stating today.


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