Couple Saves $27,000 A Year By Moving Onto A Houseboat

A couple gave up life on land to live in a houseboat and save $27,500 a year living on the water. Sarah Spiro, 27, and her boyfriend, Brandon Jones, 40, moved into their one-bedroom $45,000 houseboat in April 2021. The pair spent two months renovating the boat - spending $23,000. Sarah said it was a "no-brainer" to move and pay $2,500 a year to be able to live there compared to their $2,500 a month combined rent for separate two bedroom properties. After living on the water for two years the couple have started renovating a bigger houseboat and plans to rent their current home out to holidaymakers.


Adults hanging out on a boat

Photo: Corbis RF Stills

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