Couples Are Getting Engaged At Chili’s For A Very Valid Reason

After a video went viral of TikTok user Madison Mulkey, explaining how she served Chilis at her wedding reception for under $20 a person, the restaurant now wants to give couples a chance to serve it at theirs for free!

The restaurant posted a TikTok explaining the details of a contest that invites couples to get engaged at Chili's.

"In light of recent events, specifically, a wedding in Savannah, Georgia, that was entirely catered by Chili's, we have decided collectively that we're just gonna lean into this whole wedding catering thing. The first three couples to propose marriage at Chili's, we'll pick up their entire catering bill for their wedding, in full.”

The prize winners will receive up to $2,500 each in catered food from Chili's.


Chili's Grill & Bar Restaurant

Photo: iStock Unreleased

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