Burger King Adds Spicy Nuggets & New Drink To Menus

This summer, Burger King wants to boost the ante with new hot chicken nuggets, a fresh variation on one of its signature menu items. The business said on Monday that a brand-new frozen beverage with a dash of heat will be added to menus across the country.

According to a news release, the hot nuggets and the Frozen Fanta Kickin' Mango drink will be offered on menus for a brief period starting on June 19 and ending on August 17.

The new drink will contain a mix of mango, citrus, and fiery chili flavors, and the nuggets will be covered with a spicy glaze to give them an extra kick.

On July 26, traditionally the hottest day of the year, Burger King will also offer a small Frozen Fanta Kickin' Mango drink for free to Royal Perk reward members to commemorate its launch and keep guests cool.

Customers will need to DL the app to partake on this offer, and these new items will be available at participating Burger Kings nationwide.


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