Luther: Never Too Much Will To Premiere At Sundance Film Festival - Jan. 21

· Dawn Porter, who directed the new Luther Vandross documentary Luther: Never Too Much, chooses “So Amazing,” the classic song he penned and produced for Dionne Warwick and later recorded himself, as her favorite.

· She does admit it’s hard to choose because of her attachment to scenes in the new documentary. Porter, whose credits include The Ladybird Diaries, John Lewis: Good Trouble, and The Way I See It, will premiere Luther: Never Too Much at the Sundance Film Festival on January 21. 

· The eight-time Grammy winner died in 2005 at 54 after a stroke in 2003. Porter discusses his legacy and personal struggles, from overeating to his sexuality.

· “The family is sensitive about some things, and I had a lot of respect for that, but they also had a lot of respect for me as a filmmaker and knew that all the aspects of his story should be told so everybody’s happy,” says Porter of the first-ever documentary about the iconic singer. 

(FILE PHOTO) Singer Luther Vandross Dies At Age 54

Photo: Getty Images North America

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