A Love Letter Written 70 YEARS Ago Was Found In A Man's Tool Box

70-Year-Old Love Letter Found in Antique Toolbox

·A Michigan man found a heartwarming surprise inside an antique toolbox - a 70-year-old love letter from an Army veteran to his sweetheart.

·Rick Trojanowski bought the toolbox at a farm auction in 2017, but a couple years later he discovered an envelope wedged inside a drawer.

·It was a letter from 1953, from Army Cpl. Irvin G. Fleming to Mary Lee Cribbs of Grand Rapids, MI.

·In the letter, Fleming apologizes for a disagreement they'd had five months earlier, vowed "I'll always love you", and asked her to marry him once he got back home from San Francisco.

·Now, Trojanowski is trying to track down the people involved, or their families. He called it "a true love story."

·Ever find an old love letter written by a grandparent or other relative? Do you still have any love letters from your past?


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