The ‘Choco Taco’ Is Making A Comeback!?!

Choco Taco Making A Comeback

  • Thanks to Taco Bell, the Choco Taco is making a comeback...kind of
  • The fast food chain and Salt & Straw Ice Cream have teamed up to make a version of it to sell. 
  • The dessert, called an Ice Cream Chocolate Taco, will have a waffle cone, cinnamon ancho ice cream dipped in chocolate, and it will be 

topped with toasted brown rice.

  • According to the head chef of Salt & Straw Ice Cream, it’s a gourmet twist on the popular dessert. 
  • He said, “The ice cream is slightly spiced and has significantly more butterfat and less air than anything you’ve had before. We use an especially dark chocolate that still holds a rich flavor even after being frozen. On the very top of the taco, we wanted a bit of crunch, so we found a rare blend of toasted brown rice that has that effect while also adding an evocative, almost toasty characteristic.”
  • What is your favorite ice cream dessert?

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